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I'm Lucy

and I'm an interior architectural designer with a love for designing. From a young age, I have enjoyed using technology to express my ideas through design. Every summer I would play the Sims (computer game) from sun up to sundown, building house after house, and I have been obsessed ever since. 

I received my Interior Design degree in Fort Collins, Colorado. In addition, I pursued multiple certificates to be specialized including Kitchen and Bath Design, Architectural Drafting, and Graphic Communication in Interior Design.


When I'm not obsessing over design via Pinterest, you can find me looking to the outdoors. Raised on a farm on the Mississippi River, I'm always looking for the next adventure. You can regularly find me canoeing, hiking, or camping. This is a massive inspiration to my designs. My use of natural elements and color pallets is a direct reflection inspired by my time outdoors. 

Current Faves

Design Style: English Cottage, Conservatory Kitchens, and Gothic Medieval (I'm slightly obsessed with Harry Potter)


Travel: Scottish Highlands (recently took a solo trip there)

Book: A Court of Thornes and Rose


Interior Designer: Jean Stoffer

T.V. Show: Emily in Paris


Food: Yogurt covered pretzels

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